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We incorporate Hong Kong companies at Hong Kong Companies Registry. Incorporation requests are submitted online, followed up by signed paper documents.

The company requires the following:

  • At least one director
  • A Hong Kong resident company secretary (wecan provide this)
  • At least one shareholder (This can be person/s or corporation/s)
  • A registered office in Hong Kong (We provide this)

Our fee to incorporate a Hong Kong company is £680.
If you are ready to order your company now, please complete below.


Company Name:
Please start by entering the name of the company that you would like to register.


Registered Office:
The registered office is the official address of the company, this must be in Hong Kong. We will provide you with a registered office service with Hong Kong address.
Our fee to provide registered office is £360.

The director or directors operate and manage the company. A Hong Kong company must have at least one director.
The company may have more than one director, there are no residency restrictions. Directors details are held on public record, we can provide you with a nominee director to ensure privacy.

Nominee not Required (select if you intend to provide your own director)

*After receipt of your order we will contact you regarding the first director and any additional directors that you wish to add.
Our fee to provide a nominee director is £750


Company Secretary:
Hong Kong companies must have a Hong Kong resident company secretary. The company secretary is responsible for filing of all documents. We offer a company secretary service which ensures prompt filing of documents, our fee for this service is £240.


The shareholder or shareholders own the company. A Hong Kong company must have at least one shareholder. This can be the same as the director. The shareholders may be a person or a corporation, there are no nationality restrictions. You may have more than one shareholder.

*After receipt of your order we will contact you regarding the shareholder/s that you wish to appoint.
Our fee to provide a nominee shareholder is £440


Bank Account:
There is no legal requirement for a Hong Kong company to have a bank account. If you do wish to open an account we can assist you with completion and submission of forms and required dcuments. Our fee for bank account assistance is £320.

Hong Kong company documents are delivered on-line. However if you would like to receive printed and bound hard copy delivered by international courier please select below.

Hard copy documents delivered by courier £82

We accept payment by card or bank wire transfer. You can choose to pay in either GBP (British Pounds) or US Dollars

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