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We incorporate Northern Ireland companies using Company Registration Offices online system, for which we are approved users. Incorporation requests are submitted online, with company documents being returned online, usually within three hours. Our fee to incorporate a Northern Ireland company is £118. If you are ready to order your company now, please complete below.

Company Name:
Please start by entering the name of the company that you wish to incorporate.
Registered Office:
The registered office is the official address of the company, this must be in Northern Ireland. This is the address where all official correspondence regarding the company is sent to.
We will provide you with a registered office service with a Northern Ireland address.
Our fee to provide registered office and to receive and forward all official mail is £240 per year.

The director or directors operate and manage the company. A Northern Ireland company must have at least one director. The company may have more than one director, there are no residency restrictions. Directors details are on public record, we can provide you with an EU director for privacy purposes, our fee for this is £750.

Company Secretary:
Northern Irish companies no longer have to appoint a company secretary, however we can offer you a company secretary service if required.The company secretary is responsible for filing of all documents. We offer a company secretary service which ensures prompt filing of documents, our fee for this service is £240.

The shareholder or shareholders own the company. A UK company must have at least one shareholder. This can be the same as the director. The shareholders may be a person or a corporation, there are no nationality restrictions. You may have more than one shareholder. Shareholder details are on public record, we can provide you with a nominee shareholder for privacy purposes, our fee for this is £280.

Bank Account:
There is no legal requirement for a Northern Ireland company to have a bank account. If you do wish to open an account we can assist you with completion and submission of forms and required documents. Our fee for bank account assistance is £320.

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