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We are specialists in the incorporation of offshore companies.

We believe that the incorporation of a company is of major importance to our clients, and as experienced company incorporation professionals we have designed our service to reflect that.
We provide clients with our full expert assistance throughout every step of the incorporation process, however our service does not stop there. We will give you any assistance or advice from the moment you choose to incorporate the company and as for long after incorporation as you require.

Belize is an established and popular place to incorporate international business companies

Belize is in Central America, bounded North by Mexico, West and South by Guatemala and East by the Caribbean Sea. It has an area of 22,966 sq km.

Belize International Business Company

An international business company in Belize is exempt from paying local taxes. To qualify as an IBC in Belize the company cannot trade within Belize or own real estate there. Nor can it undertake the business of banking, insurance, assurance or reinsurance.

An Offshore Company incorporated in Belize is known as an IBC (International Business Company)

A Belizes International Business Company is typically used by clients wishing to operate internationally from a secure, tax exempt and confidential location.

The key features of a Belize Offshore Company are:

  • Fast incorporation usually same day service
  • Privacy - The names of director(s) and shareholders do not apear on any public document
  • Tax exempt - Belize Offshore companies are exempt from all local taxes
  • The company needs only one director and one shareholder
  • There is no requirement for resident directors or shareholders
  • There is no minimum capital requirement
  • The company does not need to keep accounts
  • The names of directors and shareholders are not held on public record
  • There is no requirement for directors or shareholders to attend meetings in Belize

It usually takes 1 working day to incorporate a company in Belize .

Our fee to incorporate a Belize IBC (International Business Company) is £780. This includes all government fees and provides a fully configured Belize Company with all the necessary services for the first year.


 Help and Advice

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