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FK Corporate Services Ltd are offshore company formation specialists.

We believe that the incorporation of a company is of major importance to our clients, and as experienced company incorporation professionals we have designed our service to reflect that.
We provide clients with our full expert assistance throughout every step of the incorporation process, however our service does not stop there. We will give you any assistance or advice from the moment you choose to incorporate the company and as for long after incorporation as you require.
We incorporate limited liability companies in Cyprus.

Cyprus is an established and popular place to incorporate limited liability companies.

Cyprus is a full member of the European Union with the lowest corporation tax rate within Europe.
Companies incorporated in Cyprus pay 10% tax on profit. However if a company is owned by non residents and is managed outside of Cyprus there is no corporation tax liability

Cyprus Company Order Form Why Incorporate in Cyprus?
Companies established in Cyprus and their foreign employees enjoy many privileges.  A summary of these is given below and details of the facilities and concessions extended to international companies and their expatriate employees are given towards the end of this section.

Benefits of Incorporating in Cyprus
full member of the European Union
no withholding of tax on dividends
net profits of international business companies are subject to tax at the rate of 10 per cent only (companies incorporated before 2003 4.25%)
full tax exemption on profits of international business branches if their management and control is outside Cyprus
net profits of international business branches are subject to tax at the rate of only 10 per cent if their management and control is in Cyprus
all expenses incurred for the earning of income, as well as annual allowances on fixed assets, are allowed as a tax deduction
full estate duty exemption on inheritance of shares in an international business company
full capital gains tax exemption on capital gains, except on sale of immovable property situated in Cyprus
full exemption from local social insurance schemes in respect of foreign employees of international business entities
full stamp duty exemption on contracts entered into by international business entities
foreign employees of international business entities providing their service in Cyprus, are liable to Cyprus income tax at a rate equal to half the normal Cyprus rates.  Normal rates range from nil to 40 per cent and, therefore, the maximum tax rate of such employees is 20 per cent
foreign employees of international business companies living and working outside Cyprus are exempt from income tax if they are paid through a bank operating in Cyprus.  If such employees are paid directly abroad they are taxed at a rate equal to one-tenth of the standard rates and, therefore, their maximum tax rate is 4 per cent
full import duty exemption for the importation or purchase of cars, office and household equipment (except furniture and air-conditioning equipment) for the use of the of the international business entity and its foreign employees if the international business entity maintains a fully fledged office in Cyprus
residence and work permits for the foreign employees and residence permits for their families can be readily obtained if they maintain an office in Cyprus
freely transferable currency accounts (in any currency) can be kept both in Cyprus and abroad
no exchange control restrictions

Our fee to incorporate a Cyprus limited liability company is £3250. This includes all government fees and provides a fully configured Cyprus Company with all the necessary services for the first year.

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