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The English-speaking eastern Caribbean island of Nevis is twinned with the island of St Kitts. It is seen as one of the premier Caribbean offshore locations, with highly confidential and efficient commercial and banking systems allied to a stable political structure and sound wider economic environment.

The total population is around 40,000, and, since establishing independence from the UK in 1983, Nevis has instituted a constitutional parliamentary democracy, with large elements of both US and UK corporate law governing regulation of commercial activity. Tourism is the main local industry, closely followed by offshore financial services. The official language is English.

An International Business Company (IBC) is the equivalent of a domestic, private limited liability company, but with the advantage of exemption from statutory taxation and financial reporting & disclosure requirements.

Nevis IBC
Choosing a Nevis IBC affords the following specific benefits:

  • No personal or corporate taxes of any form are levied on income derived from outside Nevis
  • A minimum requirement of one director and one shareholder only, both of which can be corporate concerns
  • Bearer shares admissible
  • No requirement for filing or auditing of annual accounts or returns
  • Banking and insurance are the only restricted business activities
  • Public access to company records restricted to agent details & incorporation articles; records can be located outside of Nevis and changes of particulars not required to be lodged with the Nevis authorities
  • Free repatriation of profits and capital, no exchange controls
  • Well-developed banking system with a wide range of international banks in situ
  • As a sovereign state independent of the UK, Nevis not party to EU Savings Tax Directive and its compulsory disclosures
  • An entity domiciled elsewhere in the world may re-incorporate in Nevis and retain all original commercial characteristics

The following restrictions apply to a Nevis IBC and should be borne in mind:

  • Nevis will assist with foreign investigations into tax evasion and certain other crimes

Our fee to incorporate a Nevis IBC (International Business Company) is £840.

The above fee includes all BVI Government licences.

A Nevis company requires a local registered office, we can provide this for you, our fee is £360.

  • Name reservation, drafting and signing of the Memorandum and Articles of Association by the initial Subscriber and witness, filing for and obtaining the original Certificate of Incorporation.
  • All post-incorporation procedures - Resolutions for appointments of the Director, Agent and the allocation of shares, issue of 3 share certificates, provision of the supporting beneficiary documentation (transfer forms and trust declarations)
  • Documents certified for international use and shipped by FedEx

Fees for second and subsequent years are £680

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