United Arab Emirates RAK Company Formation

    Ras al-Khaima is one of the Persian Gulf Arab sheikhdoms forming the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Ras al-Khaima is in the northern part of the United Arab Emirates. It covers an area of 1,684 square km. The capital city and home of most residents is also called Ras Al Khaimah.

    Fletcher Kennedy believe that the incorporation of a company is of major importance to our clients, and as experienced company incorporation professionals we have designed our service to reflect that.
    We provide clients with our full expert assistance throughout every step of the incorporation process, however our service does not stop there. We will give you any assistance or advice from the moment you choose to incorporate the company and as for long after incorporation as you require. RAK Company Order

    The RAK provides an offshore location for international business in what is known as the United Arab Emmirates "Free Zone".

Benefits of an RAK company include:
100% Foreign Ownership
100% Repatriation of Capital and Profits
0% Corporate, Personal Tax
Exemption from all Import and Export Duties

An RAK company can be incorporated with just one director and one shareholder.

  • RAK Companies can be incorporated within 48 hours.

Our fee to incorporate an RAK Company is £3,200. This includes all government fees and provides a fully configured RAK Company with all the necessary services for the first year.

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