UK Company Formation - Banking


imageIt is not a legal requirement for a UK Company or LLP to have its own bank account, and in many cases it is not necessary. If however you do wish to open a bank account we can assist and advise.

For UK residents bank account opening is a very simple process, however if you are not resident in the UK it can be more difficult.
It is easy to register a UK limited company from anywhere in the world, but it is more difficult to set up a business bank account unless you live and work in the United Kingdom. There are a number of available options once your company has been incorporated.

  • 1. Open a Bank account in your country of residence.
    There is no legal requirement for a UK company to have a business bank account in the UK. You can open one in your country of residence. The bank may ask for certified or legalised (apostilled) documents. We can provide these.

    2. Use our Bank account assistance service.
    We can assist you with opening an account with a number of European and other banks.

    3. Apply directly to UK Banks.
    There are no legal restrictions that prohibit non-UK residents from opening a business account. However, most banks will not accept applications from overseas due to fraud concerns and the additional administration costs. Barclays and HSBC may consider applications, please below.

    • HSBC can provide a business account for UK-registered companies with non-resident directors and shareholders. However, the owner(s) of the company must travel to the UK to sign a bank mandate and present their photographic ID and proof of address documentation. If you wish to find out more about banking with HSBC, please call (from the UK) 0800 032 1770 or from overseas 0044 01470 697032
    • Barclays offers an international business account with no stipulation for any directors or shareholders to be UK residents. All applications from non-residents must start from Barclays International in the Isle of Man, at Queen Victoria House. Whilst it is classified as offshore, it can be based in London, the Isle of Man or Jersey. You will benefit from the same facilities as onshore account holders, including: cheque books; credit and debit cards; and online and telephone banking facilities. This is perfectly suitable for your company to carry out normal trading and banking activities in the UK.

    Help & Advice

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